Retirement Planning

Retirement planning has become the core of our business as
we recognise that we all share a common goal of retiring at
some point in the future

To be able to do this not only do we need to have built up a plan that will yield sufficient income for our retirement needs but ideally also be debt free. In the advent of pension freedoms and the popularity of draw down over annuity, the
need for financial planning extends to the rest of your life.

Our retirement plan is a unique, designed by PPM Financial Planning, approach to retirement planning. Retirement planning is a goal which is very difficult for an individual to own as it is so far in the future and its accuracy depends on unknown assumptions –namely investment performance and inflation.

PPM Financial Planning have worked to change this by disregarding these assumptions and instead deal in fact. We work on the premise that you are at your desired retirement age tomorrow. We work out how far you are away from your target and discuss with you a way of reducing this shortfall
over the remaining months to retirement.

If you are not yet on our programme then please email us the answers to these very basic questions and we will get the ball rolling:

•  When would you like to retire?
•  How much do you earn?
•  What plans do you currently have in place?