Month: July 2016

Seek advice before drawing your retirement income

One of the UK's biggest insurance companies has withdrawn from the advisory annuity market. The pension freedom reforms revealed in the 2014 Budget claimed another victim last month as the Prudential announced it would no longer provide annuities via financial advisers. Earlier in the year two specialist annuity providers merged in the face of declining…

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147 – Your bank rewards may be less interesting

Not everything your bank pays you counts towards the personal savings allowance. When the personal savings allowance (PSA) was first announced in the March 2015 Budget, it all sounded quite straightforward: If you were a basic rate taxpayer, you had a £1,000 allowance to set against savings income; If you were a higher rate taxpayer,…

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Brexit Update

Well we all made it through the first week post the Brexit vote. Let's not go over old ground except to say that the relative calm of financial markets has more to do with the promise of more QE than anything else. Housebuilders and banks have come under sustained pressure, but like many cyclicals there…

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