Protecting your children

Most people wait until they accumulate wealth or enter the winter of their life before considering doing their will’s but in reality you should regard the importance of writing a will as essential as soon as you become a parent.

In the event where both parents were to pass at the same time or more likely a single parent passes unexpectedly the guardianship appointment is critical, there is no automatic backup. Without it, the Director under the Child, Family and Community Service Act would be the guardian of the child until a court appointed a guardian. The process can take a long time even in circumstances where the solution is obvious for all to see.

By properly appointing a guardian in their Wills, parents create security for their children and certainty for family and friends; they avoid the needless stress, expense and unpredictability of court and government involvement. The appointed guardian has the comfort of knowing they are helping the person who died in the deepest way by caring for their children.

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